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  • Release Date: 8-11-2021, 22:39
  • Total Downloads: 6 678
  • Uploaded By: aaronmaxi
Impress is a wideband stereo compressor including side-chaining, various prefilter options and state-of-the-art over sampling. The goal of the design was to cover a broad range of compression applications in today's mixing and mastering situations with strong focus on low aliasing. So, Impress could be used to shape subtle a snare sound, glue different tracks on instrument bus and even do complex tasks like deessing or voice over's.

 Flexible design
Impress includes an enhanced compressor, multiband filter for main signal, filter for detector signal and flexible signal monitoring.

 Total control
Impress lets you control all aspects of the compressing process.

 Total insight
Impress gives detailed visual feedback, how your signal is processed!

  • zero latency click-free 64-bit internal processing
  • low aliasing compressor design
  • "real" oversampling, up to 8x
  • stereo/left/right/mid/side processing
  • external side-chain
  • main signal multiband filter, up to 192 dB/Oct (Linkwitz-Riley design)
  • detector signal prefilter, up to 192 dB/Oct
  • 2 compressor modes: classic and clean (low aliasing)
  • 3 gain stage modes: modern, vintage and vintage clean (including thermal noise emulation)
  • 3 level detection modes: peak, RMS and RMS incl. BS1770 filter
  • short/long attack/release times
  • low aliasing soft knee
  • lookahead
  • limit gain reduction
  • dry/wet
  • flexible signal monitoring
  • easy to use GUI
  • large and accurate live meters
  • gain transfer graph
  • time response graph
  • free GUI scaling
TBProAudio Impress2 v2.0.6 Full version

Download TBProAudio Impress2 v2.0.6 Full version

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