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Lofi Panda 3 v3.4 for Windows
Lofi Panda 3 v3.4
Rating: 329
43.7 MB
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15 Nov 2023, 21:41
A sampled instrument powered by 3 engines featuring texturized presets inspired by Lofi, Soul, Boom Bap, Chillout, Nostalgic Cinema, and Hip Hop music.

 Warm, Cozy, Nostalgic Sound
Immerse yourself in a world of sonic nostalgia as you explore this three-engine instrument. Lofi Panda 3 features sampled instruments that were recorded at 4 different velocities, in multiple studios, with multiple mic setups to ensure a rich sound. Pour yourself a cup of tea or coffee, get relaxed and dive into the one of a kind instrument designed for Lofi inspired music.

 Dive into 200 Authentic Multi-Sampled Instruments & Unleash Creative Freedom
  • 200 meticulously crafted multi-sampled instruments
  • Authentic replication of real hardware timbres
  • Captured at profound levels to preserve uniqueness
  • User-Friendly Interface: Intuitive design welcomes all skill levels, making instant creativity accessible to everyone
  • Access fresh, distinctive sounds that ignite your imagination and fuel your artistic journey

 Use one serial from below:
  • E468-427F-R62M-30GU
  • VTX4-253K-GWE3-7G86
  • YG3B-6R81-QM4Q-0JQM
  • S20D-8817-07EK-54Y3
  • 1EF3-L16Y-PG6O-AKKQ
  • 7868-K63L-I7K2-FDRU
  • 5C48-Y0RS-1F85-155Y
  • IH41-U700-8J0C-86E0
  • Y0P5-Y6QC-8XI5-5H36
  • G635-WI2X-26FC-0RMO
  • 845Q-17X0-4535-R475
  • 04U8-B88P-B6J5-36AX
  • U0M5-K41K-4PNQ-1QK2
  • AHGE-7321-OIVC-U2OB
  • S1JT-6624-L4CL-3HN4

Download Lofi Panda 3 v3.4 for Windows

The password for Rar file is: 123456
Rating: 329
329 0
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